ABOUT Noodle Crew

We love our loyal customers as much as we love our noodles, so we created the Noodle Crew. It's our way of giving back to the noodle community.


Buy noodles and make Noodle $

10% of whatever you spend at Noodle Box, is instantly turned into Noodle $! For example, buy a $12.95 Hot Box and get 1.29 Noodle $. Buy a $13.95 Nasi Box and get 1.39 Noodle $. And so on and so on.

Enjoying your Noodle $.

Use your Noodle $ to discount your next Box, or save up enough for a free Box.

You've got one year to use your Noodle $.

12 months gives you plenty of time to hoard or hand over.

Birthday Box.

We'll put 10 Noodle $ into your account on the day of your birthday! These $ are valid for one week.

Bonus $.

There are heaps of ways to make some extra Noodle $, from referring a friend, to simply giving us your feedback.

Tracking your $.

When you join the Noodle Crew, you activate your online account. Here you can view your Noodle $, change your details or check out the latest Noodle Crew gossip.

Activate Your Account

Have your Noodle Crewcard ready and follow the prompts.


If you don't have a Noodle Crew card, grab one from any Noodle Box store.
Then jump back on to this site to activate your account.

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