Noodle Crew FAQ'S

I want to be a part of the Noodle Crew

Great! Just visit your local Noodle Box store and make a purchase. If one of our awesome team members forgets to offer you a card, simply ask for a 'Crew Card'. All you then need to do is go to the activate your account page and follow the prompts to activate your account. You can even register your details via your iphone!

So, I'm in the Noodle Crew, what does this entitle me to?

As a Noodle Crew member, you'll earn 10% of whatever you spend at Noodle Box - meaning your spend is instantly turned into Noodle $. For example, for every $10 you spend in-store you will receive 1 Noodle $. Just make sure you present your Noodle Crew Card in-store every time you make a purchase to receive your Noodle $ and entry into in our monthly draw.

How do I receive my birthday reward?

We want to celebrate your birthday too, so we'll add a bonus 10 Noodle $ onto your 'Crew card' on your birthday, which you can use towards any Noodle Box in any of our stores (much better than socks or undies). We know that you're busy celebrating on your birthday, so you have 7 days to use your birthday Noodle $. Noodle Box will send you a reminder email to let you know that you're birthday Noodle $ have been added to your card.

If it is your birthday and you haven't received your Birthday Noodle $, please email and we'll endeavour to resolve the issue.

I have Noodle $ what can I redeem them for?

You can redeem all of your Noodle Dollars at once or any portion of your Noodle Dollars on any Box or side item. But don't worry; if you don't have enough Noodle $ to purchase your delicious Box you can 'top it up' with your own dollars.

Unfortunately we cannot redeem your Noodle $ for cash, but we always have delicious options for you to redeem your Noodle $ on.

My local Noodle Box store has run out of Noodle Crew Cards…

No biggie! Just email with your name and postal address and we'll send you out a Noodle Crew Card as soon as possible.

Can I redeem my Noodle $ at any Noodle Box store?

Sure! Just visit any Noodle Box store and present your awesome Noodle Crew Card to redeem your Noodle $.

Can I check how many Noodle $ I have?

Of course you can! To keep a track of your fresh rewards and delicious discounts, just log into your account above.

Do my Noodle $ ever expire?

Your Noodle Dollars will expire 12 months after the last purchase made and we unfortunately can't refunded any unused credit. So make sure you get in-store and spend your Noodle Dollars.

What if my card is not activating?

We maybe having IT issues, so try again. If you still find you are having trouble, never fear, just email and we'll get it fixed.

Do I lose my Noodle $ if I lose my card?

Of course not! We can just transfer your Noodle $ onto your replacement card.

I've moved, gotten married or changed my name...

You can update your details at anytime. Just simply log onto your Noodle Crew account and follow the prompts to update your details.

My card went walk abouts?

Don't stress, we can solve this. Simply log onto your Noodle Crew account and follow the prompts 'I've lost my card'. Still having problems? Please email

Where are my rewards?

IT sometimes has bad days too, so if you have any Noodle $ queries or problems, send an email to with your Noodle Crew number and information abut the Noodle $ you are missing and we'll sort it out.

Will I receive communication from Noodle Box?

We won't bombard you with spam, we only ever send you the really cool stuff, like letting you know that your $10 Birthday Box has been uploaded to your card, exclusive offers, yummy competitions and maybe an invitation to participate in a survey- we promise to make it worth your while.

If you wish to no longer receive SMS/MMS communication from Noodle Box, just log onto your Noodle Crew account and select opt out. Remember, we will never, ever send you spam!

I'm an existing "Noodle Mile" loyalty member - how do I change to "Noodle Crew"?

Simply just present your Noodle Mile card when you're picking up your brand spanking new Crew Card and we'll scan it to automatically transfer your details over to your new card. You will still need to jump online and "Activate Your Account" and update your details, and then you can finally disregard your Noodle Miles card.

I'm an existing "Noodle Mile" loyalty member - will I lose my Noodle Mile points?

You won't lose the points you have accumulated on your Noodle Miles account, as they will be transferred to your brand new Noodle Crew account. For example, if you have 200 Noodle Miles, you divide this by 10 and you will receive 20 Noodle $ to spend in-store.

How do I activate my Noodle Crew Card?

To activate your account, click on "Activate Your Account' or click here to fill in your details and verify your email address and your ready to start accumulating your Noodle $.

Can I use my Crew Card without activating it?

Unfortunately you will not be able to use your Crew Card and start accumulating Noodle $ until you have jumped online to www.Noodle and activated your account.

Oops I've forgotten my password!

Not to worry, your password is just your barcode on the back of your Noodle Crew card.

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